Assembling, profiling and threading ‘all in one’ 23 September 2021

Ingramatic is introducing the combined thread and profile rolling machine model RP620-R1-RR12, W40/TR6 size – inspired by its I-Thread machine line, featuring a rotary profiling/threading and standard flat dies station for rolling special parts with combined shapes.

A member of the SACMA Group, Ingramatic specialises in designing and manufacturing thread rolling machines. The well known modular I-Thread machine line provides many innovative features such as the motorisation of the die match, the single starter unit driven by torque motor motion, as well as the double starter unit driven by servomotors.  

These two types of starter units have, as a standard function, the self-learning adjustment of the starter fingers to make the set-up of the blank introduction easy and quick. Ingramatic says it is the first company to have engineered a solution for the whole range of machines from M1 to M33.

Without compromising thread rolling machine reliability and productivity, this unit device can be used to assemble different types of washers including flat, chamfered, conical, waved, toothed, split, etc, with a wide range of blank diameters and lengths.

The model also features the SC-MATIC software, which allows the PLC to control the washer assembly unit easily and intuitively. The sensor control system is then able to ensure all the screws sent to the following stations have washers and circulates those without washers until they are properly assembled.

The rotary station is equipped with a GR3 size roller and sector to run special shapes or threads. It is also possible to bypass the rotary station and activate the motorised height adjustment from the touchscreen panel. The touchscreen panel also allows the operator to set-up the rotary station easily with the electronic handwheel. After the first rolling operation made on the rotary station, the parts are then oriented to the feeding rails of the flat die threading machine.

The flat die station is equipped with the latest technologies available including an introduction system – driven by servomotors – for an ultra precise introduction of the blanks into the dies. The station is also designed to run special and sophisticated parts after heat treatment from M6 to M16, as well as featuring a double starter unit with an exclusive
self-learning adjustment.

There are two solutions to feed blanks into the feeding rails of the combined machine with a V-Group consisting of a vibratory feeder unit connected to the threader, for blanks up to 140mm under head, or a vertical elevator with a vibrating hopper for longer parts up to 350mm – to load the machine smoothly and quickly.

The thread rollers issued with double starter units are equipped with the ‘M-Group’, which provides the motorisation of the drive unit and slide body position for quick and accurate control of the die match. All the adjustments are stored for each part and can be recalled to proceed with the automatic set-up of the machine. As per all Ingramatic threaders, the machine is equipped with a rejection gate to reject parts when the load monitor detects deviations.

These combined threaders can produce finished parts, such as fasteners and screws for a variety of industries, starting from blanks. They are also ideal for high productivity requirements, consolidation of production methods, floor space utilisation, and workflow in the fastener manufacturing process – by having the profiling and threading all in one machine.

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