ALFIRSTE continues its growth 14 May 2024

ALFIRSTE, a Chinese manufacturer that specialises in the production of screws and anchors – that has a reputation for high-quality products and excellent service, has invested in new factories in Thailand, in order to continue to meet the needs of its customers when it comes to carbon steel products. 

Established in 2006, Yuyao ALFIRSTE Hardware Co Ltd has developed from a small local workshop into an international business with three factories that cover an area of 15,000m2 – with a monthly production capacity of 1,500 tonnes. Across its factory the company uses only the latest production machinery, including heading machines, thread rolling machines, drilling machines, point cutting machines, straightening machines, multi-station machines, as well as other equipment.

This wide production capability has enabled the company to become renowned for the production of screws and anchors, especially timber screws (construction screws), chipboard screws, roofing screws, drywall screws, coach screws, self-drilling/self-tapping screws, sleeve anchors, metal frame anchors, as well as threaded rods. “Initially, we only produced standard parts,” mentions Michael Wu, sales manager at ALFIRSTE. “However, through the addition of leading experts, and the ongoing improvement of the laboratory, we have continued to grow our product portfolio and now have the ability to develop products in-house.” 

 In recent years the company has used this technical know-how to also develop the production of stainless steel products and bi-metal screws. “We see these two product ranges as a key factor in the future growth of the business,” underlines Michael. “At the same time, we have not given up optimising the production of our carbon steel products to make sure they continue to be competitive within the global market.”

Growing in Thailand

Due to the EU anti-dumping tariffs that were introduced on certain carbon steel products from China in 2022, ALFIRSTE made the decision to set-up new factories within Thailand – in order to meet the ongoing demand from customers for such products. “We believe that setting up a factory in Thailand, specifically for the production of carbon steel products, can help customers avoid the high tariffs associated with products from China,” explains Michael. “When this factory is added to our factories in China, as well as our excellent service, high-quality products, and fast delivery times, it means we can provide customers with more choice. At the same time, it can allow us to gain a further foothold overseas and lay a solid foundation for exploring more markets and establishing more factories in the future.”

The main markets for ALFIRSTE’s products are Europe, the United States, and Russia, with the company reporting that the global market is also picking up. “We believe that there is a rigid demand for fasteners and there will not be much change in the trend in a short period of time,” reports Michael. “As long as we make our own products carefully, and improve the cost-effectiveness of our products, all problems will be solved and new opportunities will be created.”

Ongoing quality

Alongside the development its production capabilities, ALFIRSTE has also been committed to developing the quality of its products – helping to ensure customers receive only the highest quality solutions. “As a company we continuously look to optimise our production processes to guarantee we are consistently producing quality products that are customers can trust,” states Michael. “From the storage of materials to the delivery of finished products, each batch of materials and goods is tested by our laboratory. Every production process is also checked by our quality inspectors to certify only qualified products can enter the next production process.”

Many of ALFIRSTE’s products have successfully obtained CE, ETA and ICC certifications – with the company still developing new products. “With the economic recovery of the European Union and the United States, we will seize the opportunity to meet the greatest needs of customers with products that best meet market demand,” underlines Michael.

ALFIRSTE is able to deliver this quality thanks to its first-class quality department and fully equipped laboratory, which includes a salt spray test machine, a high and low temperature humidity box, image measuring instruments, a universal testing machine, a drilling testing machine, a Rockwell hardness machine, a metallographic specimen Mosaic machine, a Vickers hardness machine, a metallographic specimen polishing machine, a Fischer scope X-RAY, a torque testing machine, a concentricity metre, a bending measuring machine, a metallographic microscope, a SPECTRO spectrometer, a temperature and humidity metre, as well as standard callipers, groove depth gauges, torque wrenches, electronic scales and angle rulers.

“Our dedication to quality across every aspect of our business has enabled us to create strong relationships with customers, with our products being sold to around 20 countries,” points out Michael. “As a business we are always looking to create close partnerships with our customers, which is why we invest a lot of money in participating at exhibitions every year. We are also very proactive in inviting potential customers to our factory so they can see first-hand our capabilities. It is only by visiting our factory and seeing our production workshop, packaging workshop, and laboratory, that customers can really understand our commitment to quality. Every customer who visits our factories is full of praise for us and can see we are a trustworthy and reliable partner.”

Innovative spirit

During the development of its production processes, expansion of its product portfolio, and continuous focus on quality, ALFIRSTE has always ensured innovation is at the core of its business, which has been fundamental in the company’s success and growth. “Innovation is undoubtedly a core competitiveness for us,” states Michael. “The expansion of the business cannot be separated from the role of innovation, which in turn depends on investment in the company. The two complement each other, which is why, in order to continue to innovate, you need to continue to invest money.”

Michael continues: “Technological innovation also promotes industrial innovation and in the future fastener manufacturing will develop towards a trend of being more refined, higher quality and more humane. China’s fastener manufacturing industry is moving towards automation, digitalisation and intelligence. ‘Made in China’ is no longer limited to the mid to low end markets. Superior and stable quality and good cost performance will become the core advantages for Chinese companies to capture the mid to high-end markets in Europe and the United States. Continuously improving the competitiveness of enterprises and entering the high-end market is the direction of our efforts, which is why we are committed to innovation and investment.”

An area ALFIRSTE is currently investing, and therefore looking to innovate, is its sustainable development. “Since the establishment of the business, we have looked to serve our customers, employees, and partners, in the correct way. It is the basis for the healthy and sustainable development of the business,” mentions Michael. “The topic of sustainability has become a key factor within every sector and as a company we want to make sure we are meeting the needs of our customers. That is why we are already taking the initiative to adopt cleaner production processes, which includes reducing raw material usage and waste generation, as well as using solar power. We are also actively cooperating with the EU and participating in the CBAM regulation. Additionally, we are also looking at ‘greener’ procurement and how we can work more effectively from an environmental perspective.” 

Michael concludes: “Thanks to our sophisticated production equipment; innovative methods of production and material combinations; as well as in-depth product range; we are optimistic about our future place within the fastener industry. We are deeply aware that we must adhere to management principles and business ethics, such as integrity and respect, whilst focusing on quality, compliance with laws, cultural tolerance, supplier management, etc. These are the basis for the healthy and sustainable development of ALFIRSTE and it is only by doing this that we can realise our mission, and vision, and inherit and demonstrate our spirit.”



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