Hafren acquires System Zero® product line 14 February 2024

Hafren Security Fasteners has recently announced its acquisition of all property, rights, titles, and interests of the System Zero® product range of security screws and associated tooling. As the global launch takes shape, Hafren Security Fasteners is set to establish itself as the go-to provider for cutting-edge security fastener solutions.

The strategic acquisition of a cutting-edge security screw product, complete with tooling and trademarks not only demonstrates Hafren's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements but also positions the company as a global leader in security fastener solutions.

The newly acquired System Zero® security screw product range, well known in the electronics industry, was previously owned by PSM International. With advanced features designed to thwart tampering and unauthorised access, the latest addition to Hafren Security Fasteners’ line-up of specialist and unique anti-theft screws, nuts and bolts promises to be a game-changer for fastener distributors and end-users alike.

System Zero®’s unique head style requires a dedicated security driver tool for installation and authorised removal. The combination of the driver tool with the head design gives high torque transmission, which in turn generates high clamp loads. The unique design also offers effective tamper resistance in its applications, as well as robust performance and exceptional drive capabilities. System Zero® screws are available in zinc plated steel and A2 stainless steel in sizes from M2.5 to M6 machine screws and No.4 to No.8 gauge self-tapping screws.

With this acquisition, the company is poised to capitalise on the rising demand for robust security solutions, especially in industries where the integrity of fasteners is paramount. Whether it's in critical infrastructure projects, sensitive installations, or everyday construction, the need for secure and reliable fasteners has never been more pronounced.

Hafren Security Fasteners’ global launch strategy involves collaborating with established fastener distributors, creating partnerships that will bring this revolutionary product to every corner of the world. The company recognises the importance of a well-connected and efficient distribution network to ensure that end-users can easily access the security screws, regardless of their location.

Hafren Security Fasteners has the System Zero® range in stock and ready to ship to customers.

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