Kaman Measuring announces ThreadChecker™ for the fastener industry 29 June 2022

The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products Inc, a leader in the design and manufacture of high performance, precision non-contact position measuring systems, has announced the availability of its improved ThreadChecker™.

Kaman Measuring’s line of non-contact application specific sensors provides rugged, reliable verification of thread presence or absence in nearly any electrically conductive material. The ThreadChecker™ is a teachable Eddy current inspection tool, widely used for thread detection, material sorting, plating presence, and absence of heat treatment, etc. Any physical property difference that relates to material conductivity is readily detected.

Kaman Measuring points out that the ThreadChecker™ is ideal for use in any automated inspection process in the fastener industry. Consisting of a single electronics module compatible with any probe/material combination, it can check threads regardless of part cleanliness, reducing the cost of implementation.

With Kaman’s proven Eddy current technology at its core, the ThreadChecker™ is designed specifically for in-die use. It features four internal probes, ranging from 4mm to 10mm and two external probes, 6mm and 8mm. Available with a DIN rail mounting option, the new inspection tool is CE-compliant and features IP-67 rated probes and electronics.

The ThreadChecker™ is also available with both switched and analogue outputs. With the switched output option, the sensor is wired to a PLC or other controller and programmed to alarm when no thread is detected. As an alternative, users can monitor the analogue voltage and program the PLC or other control device with limits suitable for the application.

“We are a worldwide leader in the design and production of high-performance, precision non-contact position measuring systems using inductive, Eddy current technology,” states Kaman Measuring. “We recognise that each customer has specific individual requirements, which is why we consult with customers to help choose the best sensor, conditioning electronics, and calibration for each application. With more than 40 years of experience, our advanced family of high-precision position sensors is used in hundreds of applications in aerospace, automotive, energy, metals production, metalworking industries, and many others. 

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