SLIC Pin™ revolutionises assembly operations 20 March 2017

Already popular in the USA, the new quick locking SLIC Pin™ from Pivot Point will be introduced to the European market as part of this year’s Route to Fastener Innovation Competition. 
Patented in the USA and Europe, the pin functions as a pin and cotter all in one. SLIC is an acronym for Self-Locking Implanted Cotter, and as the name implies, the pin is secure and self-locking through the use of an implanted plunger (locking detent) that effectively functions as a self-contained cotter pin.

The pin features a solid, spring loaded wedge shaped plunger that combines ease of use with secure fastening. The wedge shaped plunger easily and automatically retracts when the pin is inserted into a hole, and the angled, ramp-like face of the wedge ensures smooth insertion. Once fully inserted the plunger springs back up, locking the pin into the application. The vertical face at the rear of the plunger prevents the pin from backing out.
The SLIC Pin is intended for use as a semi-permanent quick locking pin and can be used in a multitude of applications. It replaces other labour intensive fastening combinations such as clevis and cotter pins, a pin and retaining ring or a nut and bolt – with much improved functionality and ease of assembly.
The simple, one piece design means easier, safer and faster assembly speeds. No tools are needed, there are no sharp ends as with cotter pins, and there are less items to purchase and inventory.
The SLIC Pin is well suited to automated assembly and is especially beneficial in applications with space constraints, as it is quickly and easily inserted from just one side. Unlike other fastening methods, there is no need to access the other side to secure another fastener such as a cotter pin, a nut or a clip.
The SLIC Pin can be configured to suit individual applications and can be produced in a clevis pin head style, grab ring style or other styles. Various pin materials and finishes are also available.

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