Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a fastener 15 March 2017
Lazpiur has developed the new BEGItech CLT inspection machine, which performs a full inspection of fasteners whilst the part is in the air.
Relying on a powerful software package with calculation capacity, the newly designed BEGItech CLT inspection machine can verify 800 parts per minute.
The system provides a variety of benefits compared to other systems such as the glass ramp. Also, this design removes any interference between the vision system and the measured object – doing away with eventual dirt, wear or glass breakage and other issues affecting the measuring function. The part is carried on a belt and then ejected while the vision system snaps the part on the fly, which ensures the full and efficient inspection of the fastener.
The BEGItech CLT machine is optimum for parts such as shafts and studs, and meets a market demand in sectors such as fastener manufacturing and bar turning. The accuracy of this system is 0.005mm, depending on the chosen vision hardware.
Lazpiur S.A has launched two versions of the BEGItech CLT machine. The first is designed for small parts up to 20mm long, and the second can handle larger parts with a scope of up to 50mm long.
Lazpiur products are already sold in 25 countries with key customers including automotive manufacturers such as Ford and Mercedes Benz, as well as tier one suppliers Lear, GKN and NTN.

Who will be Fastener Technology Innovator 2017?


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