Fastener Fair Stuttgart looks ahead 15 March 2021

Mack Brooks Exhibitions recently announced that Fastener Fair Stuttgart would be postponed until 9th – 11th November 2021. Here we speak to Liljana Goszdziewski, portfolio director of Fastener Fair Stuttgart, about what visitors can expect from the November edition.

Why did you decide to postpone Fastener Fair Stuttgart until November and how will this impact the structure of the show?

“It is paramount that we, as event organisers, consider the safety and wellbeing of our staff, exhibitors, partners, and all attendees, to ensure a safe staging of the event. We believe postponing the show will help to maintain its international character, as currently lockdown rules and travel restrictions are still affecting most countries. Hopefully, the postponement will allow time for the impact of Covid-19 across the world to stabilise to allow the global fastener and fixing industry to meet again.

In spite of this we will not be changing the structure of the live event. We are working closely with the venue, exhibitors, and partners, to ensure safety measures are in place, which might mean having to rethink on-site logistics and allowing more expansive spaces to comply with social distancing rules. We will keep following the World Health Organisation (WHO) and local health authorities’ guidelines to provide a safe and healthy visit and manage the Covid-19 risk of transmission on-site, without affecting our attendees’ overall experience at the show.

We also plan to introduce a hybrid format for the show. Mack Brooks Exhibitions has already piloted digital platforms successfully for other events in different industries. With a hybrid event we can merge the on-site offering with interactive digital networking opportunities, enhancing our customers’ experience at the show.

This will enable international visitors who won’t be able to attend, due to travel restrictions, to explore the latest innovations and services in more detail on the virtual stands. As well as this a new matchmaking system, powered by the latest AI technology, will help suppliers connect with relevant buyers and arrange meetings based on complementary profiles.

With a stand space at the live event, exhibitors will be entitled to enrol onto the digital platform, at no extra cost, which will give them more visibility and unlock extra features to support their participation in the event. There is still space to book a stand – so please contact our show team if you’d like to take part.”

What feedback have you received regarding the postponement?

“Before the announcement we had been in constant communication with our exhibitors discussing the possibility of a postponement and it was generally well accepted. Live events are one of the main channels for the fastener and fixing industry, like many others, to generate income and long-term profit. These events facilitate face-to-face interactions for exhibitors to connect internationally with new potential clients, as well as new businesses.

The postponement will give the industry time to prepare and attend Fastener Fair Stuttgart in safety; to focus on innovations; lessons learnt from last year; as well as hopefully recover from the recession that affected the economy worldwide.”

Has the announcement by  the European Commission  of an anti-dumping investigation impacted  the level of Chinese exhibitors?

“With the global economy already impacted by Covid-19, it is tough to predict the investigation’s implications on the fastener supply chain, since several variables are at stake. What we can say is that we will continue to support the industry the best way we can.

We pride ourselves on being part of a globally established and well recognised brand among the fastener and fixing industry. Attending Fastener Fair Stuttgart will allow exhibitors to showcase their technology and have the perfect ground to initiate the discussions on how to tackle the challenges the industry is facing today.”

What does this mean for the other Fastener Fair shows?

“Along with the Fastener Fair Stuttgart announcement, we have also announced the postponement of Fastener Fair Italy. This is because of the overlap in product categories, exhibitors, and visitors, between the two shows. We have just confirmed with the venue and the industry’s key players that the new dates for the Italian event will now be from 30th November – 1st December 2022.

This one year gap between the two shows will allow the fastener and fixing industry enough time to guarantee the products and services on display are up to date with the latest innovations and developments the sector offers.”

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