Bossong to unveil new product at EISENWARENMESSE 21 February 2024

Bossong will be attending the INTERNATIONALE EISENWARENMESSE in Köln, Germany, from 3rd to 6th March 2024, where it plans to unveil a new product to the visitors of the show.

Based in Bergamo, Italy, Bossong SpA is synonymous with research and innovation in the field of mechanical fastening, shot fired fastening and chemical anchoring. The company not only satisfies the domestic market but also operates effortlessly across Europe, South America and Gulf countries – from Portugal to Bangkok, from Qatar to Latin America.

E-Plus: reliable anchorage in concrete

One of Bossong’s standout products is the E-Plus, a two component pure epoxy chemical anchor without styrene, succinctly named to encapsulate thirty years of research and development in the field of chemical anchors. Its simplicity implies exceptional performance, as is customary with every product offered by Bossong.

To start, it boasts a service life of 100 years, double the standard 50 years, making it ideal for large scale projects. Furthermore, it can be applied even underwater, tested for flooded hole application, and has fire resistance of up to R24. Its natural ability to penetrate porosities and voids, coupled with a winning combination of fluidity and adhesion, allows for extrusion depths of up to two and a half meters. Its lack of expansion and contraction, along with its versatility on various surfaces – including masonry, wood, and of course, concrete – making it indispensable. It can even be applied in temperatures up to 50°C, showcasing its adaptability.

Moreover, numerous certifications attest to its excellence from various perspectives including environmental, with the product meeting the LEED protocol for VOC (volatile organic compounds) content certification with the highest LEED and A+ qualification under the French regulation. In the realm of EOTA, the resin is also approved for concrete anchoring according to EAD 330499-01-0601 and EAD 330087-01-0601. Most notably, in seismic contexts, its performance exceeds that of current products, achieving the highest C2 rating for M12 and M24 – making it particularly effective in seismic events, even for rebar with seismic certified diameters ranging from 12mm to 32mm.

“Born to meet the needs of industry professionals, within the framework of environmental respect, safety, and maximising structural consolidation goals that have always been Bossong's hallmark, E-Plus represents the latest frontier in a journey with deep roots,” concludes Bossong.

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