Spectre is here 19 February 2021

Launched to bring performance and value to the trade user Spectre – a registered trademark of ForgeFix Ltd – includes screws, hole saws, screwdriver bits, as well as other products being made available to builders’ merchants across the UK.

The range includes user-friendly products designed to make the tradesperson’s life just that little bit easier. For instance, Spectre advanced multi-purpose woodscrews incorporate a long list of features, often only found in premium screws. These features, such as a quick start type 17 slash point, a sawtooth to prevent splitting, and a reamer to prevent jacking, make them more reliable than a normal woodscrew saving the user time and money.

Spectre’s advanced timber fixing screws are also crammed with features and are widely used in exterior timber, fencing and landscaping applications. The Spectre range of screwdriver bits includes nut drivers, bit holders and bit sets in 25mm and 50mm lengths. The screwdriver bits are manufactured from two stage hardened steel for high strength and durability. Hole saws are also a key part of the range too, ideal for drilling in pipework installations.

Spectre is also rethinking packaging, with every box displaying clear and easy to read information and an actual size screw illustration on the side. This useful graphic means there is no need to open the box to check the size of the screw and there is no need for a plastic window either – it’s quick and easy to find the right sized screw and the packaging is also sustainable.

To make life even easier, and to keep screws safe, Spectre has also launched a ‘Site Organiser’. This is a tough six compartment case with metal handle and catches – it comes with a selection of screws and the case is easily refilled when those screws are depleted.

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