pgb-Europe and ETAs 23 October 2020

The European Technical Assessment (ETA) is a key document, providing information on the essential characteristics of construction products. For products where there is no Harmonised European Standard (hEN) it offers the possibility to affix CE Marking and publish a Declaration of Performance.

For pgb-Europe NV, the importance of ETAs is paramount: “For many years those documents have been reducing the technical barriers in the sector and enabling people in the industry to speak the same technical language.”

“Fixings and fasteners are maybe the smallest components in a whole structure, yet it is those components that keep the structure together throughout its lifetime. Those small components sometimes have to withstand tremendous loads, from loads related to the construction to variable loads such as wind suction and even seismic actions,” explains pgb-Europe. “That is where the importance for a common technical assessment of construction products comes out and that is why ETAs are so important.”

“Since 2010, when pgb was awarded its first ETA, we are now proud to say that we have 25 different ETAs on various products, and still growing,” adds pgb.“When we talk about anchors only, it covers our plastic anchors, metal anchors, chemical anchors, as well as insulation fixings, proving each time the performances and giving trust in the safety of our products.”

Technical performances from ETA tests are also used in pgb’s SMART Anchor Design Software – a tool the company offers as a free service, to calculate structural connections in concrete and post-installed rebar connections. The company is also working on other modules to be added to the software. Another positive of ETA certification is the ‘marketing value’ of the ETA symbol, which is recognised as a mark of quality within the market. However, not all the products that have the symbol perform likewise. It is important to judge the real performance (by means of the calculation software).

pgb concludes: “Together with the improvement of our products and product range, we are constantly improving and enlarging our technical assessments. pgb is, and wants to remain, a trustworthy partner providing high performing products. It is part of our life, it is part of who we are. We breathe fasteners.”

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