New Ultracut FBS II concrete screw 21 July 2016

fischer has always been at the forefront of innovation and the new fischer Ultracut concrete screw is no different. Following the success of its initial foray into the concrete screw market, the new product from fischer has several enhancements that are not only focused on higher load levels and shear values but also offer many features that truly benefit the customer.

fischer points out that concrete screws have sometimes been seen as an ‘unsafe’ alternative to a standard through type fixing, with the head especially being ‘suspect’ to some users. However, the high performance concrete screws available today hold very little characteristics similar to the standard wood type screw, which is where many of the uncertainties are founded. Concrete screws in the construction market go through rigorous testing to ensure they conform to all standards and are as safe to use as any through type fixing. When using concrete screws the installation instructions should always be adhered to and users should look to use only ETA labelled products (where applicable for safety critical applications).

In UK construction, the use of concrete screws for applications is becoming a growing trend. For many more applications speed of insertion is a major factor to the installer and the reduction of installation time a concrete screw can offer is a big benefit.
“With all other features of concrete screws comparable to through type fixings – and load values very similar – we should look to the future and expect the use of concrete screws to overtake the through bolt in many more applications,” says fischer.
Some of the key features of the new Ultracut FSB II concrete screw (ETA – 15/0352) are in some instances unique, for example the unique saw teeth geometry that enables easy and faster installation. fischer reports that the screw itself can be reused several times, and a thread guide is available to aid the degradation of the thread. All of this has been introduced with the aim of saving the user time and money. Because of this, minor installation changes can be made during insertion up to 20mm. The screw can be loosened to allow for slight errors and embedment corrections. The saw teeth geometry and main thread geometry also enable the concrete screw to be installed without drill hole cleaning (in certain cases). This is still in accordance to the European Technical Assessment requirements.
All screw sizes can be installed to three different embedment depths that offer the user flexibility over a vast array of applications and attachment thicknesses. Alongside these embedment depth options fischer is also releasing a short version of the concrete screw. Thus enabling, where appropriate, a much reduced drill hole depth to ensure much quicker installation.
The load values are now significantly higher than many competitors and above the previous version – fischer FBS – which is apparent in both tensile and shear loading levels. One of the key parameters to the installer is the small minimum edge spacing and edge distances. fischer says it has one of the best and smallest values in the industry. It believes this can be more important to the installer than having an extra 5% or 10% higher loads than the competition.
However, fischer boasts that the truly innovative and unique feature is that the Ultracut FBS II concrete screw holds both C1 and C2 seismic approvals, guaranteeing the highest of safety standards and means that it is the first concrete screw to hold these approvals in the European market place.
fischer will be launching the Ultracut with diameters 8mm – 14mm in July followed by the 6mm diameter, more focused on the mechanical and electrical contracting market, and the stainless steel version towards the end of 2016. All 8mm diameter sizes will come with an embedded TX drive enabling the user to be truly flexible when installing into tight spaces or to have a choice on using a chuck or a bit for installation.
fischer mentions: “This is our best concrete screw to date with several key features that stand out from the crowd – possibly even the best on the market place today. 2016 proposes to be a big year for innovation within fischer and the Ultracut is just the beginning.”


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