New KonstruX 13mm with E12 external TX drive 12 February 2024

Eurotec, a German timber screw and fastening specialist, is continuously working on new innovations for various applications in the constantly advancing, timber construction industry – with one such innovation its new KonstruX 13mm with E12 external TX drive.

The new KonstruX 13mm with E12 external TX drive has a wide range of applications in timber engineering, timber frame construction, hall construction, carpentry, as well as in the renovation of ceilings between floors. The screw’s E12 drive with external TX transfers high forces for setting the screw and facilitates linear power transmission. Using these fully threaded screws, it’s possible to create invisible connections, whilst at the same time providing a high-level of fire resistance. 

Made of hardened, carbon steel, the screw can be used in service classes 1 and 2, meeting the DIN EN 1995-Eurocode 5 standard, and has a particularly high mechanical load capacity. Unlike a partially threaded screw, where the load bearing capacity of the connection is limited by the lower head pull through resistance in the attachment part, the KonstruX is a fully threaded screw, which means the load bearing capacity of a connection can be increased, due to the high thread pull through resistance in both components. 

Since timber generally has a low transverse compressive, and low tensile strength, the new fully threaded screw offers a degree of specific reinforcement, acting as an insertion to support and strengthen the wood building material, increasing its stability in doing so. In structural timber engineering, the 13mm screw can, for example, be used primarily as transverse tensile reinforcement of, for instance, warehouse trusses, at notches and openings, as well as at cross connections. It can be used, similarly, in scenarios such as main/secondary beam connections, joist doubling, internal truss screw connections, metal to wood connections in various settings, as well as screw connections in cross-laminated timber ceilings. 

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