New ETA for Tecfi roofing screws 07 August 2019

Tecfi SpA recently received European Technical Assessments on a very wide range of screws and accessories for fixing sandwich panels and general roofings on metal.

Tecfi states that it is one of the first Italian companies that has achieved an ETA on the majority of its roofing fixing systems (screws and accessories) for metal base materials. Most of Tecfi roofing fixings are now with ETA CE Certification, in compliance with the actual provisions of EAD330047-01-0602 and the CPR.

The assortment of Tecfi’s products that have been approved includes:

  • BIM02: Hexagonal flat washer head BIMETAL (A2 stainless steel and carbon steel) self-drilling screw with special coating ‘Steel Saver® 1,000hrs’.
  • TX01: Hexagonal flanged washer head self-drilling screw with A2 stainless steel capped head, assembled with EPDM washer, with special coating ‘Steel Saver® 1,500hrs’.
  • AB04: Hexagonal flat washer head self-drilling screw (drilling capacity 12mm), zinc plated.
  • AB01: Hexagonal flat washer head self-drilling screw (drilling capacity 8mm), zinc plated.
  • SD01: Hexagonal flat washer head self-drilling screw (drilling capacity 6mm), zinc plated.
  • KD01/KD02/KD03/KD04: Hexagonal flat washer head self-drilling screws with painted head (RAL 9002, RAL 8017, RAL 3009, RAL 8004), zinc plated.
  • RH01: Flat countersunk head 6-lobe recess self-drilling screw, zinc plated (only diameter 6.3mm).
  • RK01: Pan head 6-lobe recess self-drilling screw, zinc plated (only diameter 6.3mm).

The listed screws can be assembled with Tecfi metal EPDM bonded washers (Tecfi ranges CB and DV), EPDM/metal umbrella shaped washers (Tecfi ranges FI, RZ, NF and CX), saddle washers (Tecfi ranges AE) and rhomboidal gaskets (Tecfi ranges AD and CM), keeping the ETA CE. This applies to more than 20,000 combinations of screws and gaskets, in different materials (steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium).

“These achievements, in a field where not many companies are willing to invest money and energies, are the proof of how much Tecfi cares about the safety in any construction sector,” comments Tecfi. “Our new accreditations mean that roofing installers can also enjoy the information and the safety of a European Technical Assessment.”

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