European Technical Approved nylon frame fixings 08 August 2022

JCP, the specialist fixing division of Owlett-Jaton, offers a wide range of nylon and cavity fixings – including a range of nylon frame fixings, with options on head styles, finishes, materials, and sizes. The range also includes not only R90 fire-rated, 90 minutes resistance, but also CE and ETA (European Technical Approval) approved products.

Nylon frame fixings are a light-duty matched screw and plug with typical applications including timber, uPVC, and metal framework to concrete and masonry, including window and door frames.

Being a multipurpose anchor, nylon frame fixings offer many benefits. They are ideal for a wide variety of trades, covering commercial, industrial, and residential projects, offering a supreme fixing. Pre-assembled, they are quick and easy to fit, resulting in time reduction and ultimately cost.

Nylon frame fixings can be removed and reinstated with ease – ideal for maintenance and repair jobs. They do not damage the surface and a countersunk lip on the plug helps with setting the fixing to the correct depth, giving a flush finish. The anti-rotational lugs also prevent the plug from spinning inside the hole and there is no waiting time before loading.

Made with a polyamide PA6 nylon sleeve, the CE and ETA approved nylon frame anchors are available in 8mm and 10mm diameters and lengths from 80mm – 160mm. Head styles include countersunk and hexagon flange head, both available with a bright zinc plated finish. Alternatively, JCP also offers an A4-316 stainless steel countersunk option, these are ideal for external use, including around the garden, and marine environments as examples.

The countersunk head design offers a flush finish and is driven by a TX drive, which helps reduce cam-out, offers a strong grip, a good drive, and quick installation. The hexagon flange head design spreads the load out over a greater surface area and is compatible with respective sockets.

Tested to ETAG 020, plastic anchors for multiple uses for non-structural applications, the ETA substantiates that they can be used for a range of solid and hollow base materials for multiple fixings in non-structural applications. The base materials include cracked and non-cracked concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete, solid masonry, hollow or perforated masonry, and AAC (Aerated Autoclaved Concrete).

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