E-Plus provides 100 year service life 01 February 2024

‘A bi-component styrene-free pure epoxy resin that is the next generation of super epoxy’ is how Bossong SpA describes its latest chemical anchor – the E-Plus – which is the newest version of the original Epoxy from the 1990s, with its short new name said to encapsulate 30 years of R&D in the chemical anchor sector.

A key characteristic of the E-Plus is its 100 year service life, which is twice that of the standard 50 years of other products and means it’s the ideal solution for major applications. Other key advantages of the new resin include its applicability for use in flooded holes, having passed submergence testing; it’s also fire resistant, meeting R24 requirements. The E-Plus also has a natural ability to penetrate holes and hollow materials thanks to an effective combination of fluidity and adherence, which enable it to achieve up to 2.5 metres of extrusion, without expansion or shrinkage. All these characteristics make E-Plus suitable for use with masonry, wood, and concrete, under a range of temperatures up to +50°C, whilst still maintaining a strong grip on smooth surfaces, such as inside core holes.

The new resin has also achieved numerous certifications covering a number of important areas. For instance, in environmental standards –
with all Bossong chemical anchors qualified according to the US LEED protocol (which includes the certification of the volatile organic compounds (VOC) content of a product) – E-Plus has obtained the highest qualification level, with an A+ rating. The resin has also obtained
EOTA approval for concrete bonding in accordance with EAD 330499-01-0601 and EAD 330087-01-0601. Its aseismic performance is especially notable, as it’s double that of the current product and has obtained the highest C2 rating for M12 and M24; this attribute is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of this new 3:1 formula, making it capable of reacting efficiently to significant earth movements – the same trait as displayed by certified 12mm – 32mm aseismic rebar rods, under similar conditions. 

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While it has been developed to meet construction sector needs, E-Plus also respects the environment, according to Bossong, and offers safety and maximises structural consolidation, which it says are distinctive characters of all its products. The company explains that the E-Plus is the latest step in a journey that started decades ago. Between the 1960s and the 1970s, the company specialised first in the production of rivets and riveting machines for concrete anchoring, then mechanical anchors and plugs. The shift to chemical anchors was made by chemist and founder of Bossong SpA Italia, Luciano Taddei, and marked a decisive and fortunate change of direction. The formulation and filling of these bi-component chemical anchors to fix metal elements in concrete and masonry structures – with epoxy, polyester, and vinylester resins – led to the company’s worldwide success.

To add to this, E-Plus, just like the Epoxy21 before it, was developed following the earthquake that devastated L’Aquila in 2009 and Bossong says is the first product in the world to obtain the C2 aseismic certification for fixing standard threaded rods, which it believes is tangible proof of the success of this approach. “This was a great move for us as a business that opened new opportunities for us in the world of qualified constructions, as well as a chance to operate in the art and cultural heritage sector,” explains Bossong. “The strength of our anchors, achieved with sixty years of experience thanks to continuously striving for innovation and the highest level of competencies, now serves universal beauty.”

Beyond E-Plus, the recent inauguration of a new logistics centre with a completely automated and connected warehouse, using latest technologies, has left more space in the company’s main building for additional production lines to be added. The premises are also connected using 4.0, next generation technologies and robotics, and 1,250m2 of photovoltaic panels provide almost 200,000kWh of power – equating to approximately 200kW per year, all of which, Bossong says, highlights “the company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint; a circular economy approach that benefits the entire community”.  






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