CONFAST double expansion anchor now available 19 November 2018

CONFAST double expansion anchors are designed for anchoring into concrete, brick or block base material – making it the ideal anchor for projects where the base material is soft or has strength that is suspect.

The anchor body of the CONFAST double expansion anchor is made from a die cast alloy called zamak, which is rust resistant and extremely durable. The anchor also features two expansion cones – one cone is threaded and the other is not. Two spring steel bands wrap the two halves together and allow the anchor to expand against the concrete at two points to enable better holding values once installed. The length of the bolt that should be used for all installations of the anchor is equal to the thickness of the material being fastened plus the depth the anchor will be embedded.

When installing, it is important to note that one end of the double expansion anchor has a nut that is threaded. The user needs to hold the opposite end or the end with the nut that is not threaded and insert the threaded nut end into the hole first. If needed the user can then tap lightly with a hammer until the anchor is flush with the surface of the base material.

Next, the user takes the fixture being fastened and aligns the holes in the fixture with the double expansion anchor in the base material, and inserts the national threaded bolt through the fixture and into the anchor. Lastly, they turn the bolt clockwise until the anchor is fully set – making sure they do not over torque the bolt as this may cause the double expansion anchor to spin in the hole and lose its holding strength.

“Those searching for an anchor to be used in base material of questionable strength, requiring easy removability and a corrosion resistant body, can now purchase the double expansion anchor online,” explains CONFAST.

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