Complete range of heavy-duty anchors 26 May 2023

As a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality fastening solutions for construction and engineering projects, pgb-Europe NV has developed a complete range of heavy-duty anchors to include drop-in anchors, through bolts, anchor shields, hollow ceiling anchors and its Turbo Smart® concrete screws. 

pgb-Europe’s fasteners are designed to provide a secure fixing point for bolts and other fasteners in a variety of materials including concrete, brick, stone, hollow materials and hollow ceilings. All are supported by extensive European Technical Assessments (ETAs), with pgb-Europe constantly investing in this range to offer its customers the best products and technical documentation.

The company’s drop-in anchors – S-IA, S-IAL and S-IAD – are mechanical anchors used to provide a secure fixing point for bolts and other fasteners in construction and engineering projects. The Smart® drop-in anchors have two ETAs, one for structural use (Option 7) and one for multiple use for non-structural applications (Part 6) in concrete. The anchors can be zinc plated (type IA) or stainless steel (type IAI) – with a version including a lip (type IAL) to prevent anchor slips in the drill hole. Especially relevant for core drilling machines, the Smart® range also offers type IAD with a reinforced shell.

As for pgb-Europe’s throughbolts, the Smart® S-TB7 throughbolt, with ETA Option 7 for non-cracked concrete, is a flexible solution for mounting in, as expected, non-cracked concrete. As it’s approved for two anchoring depths, and has a long screw thread, the anchor can be used in a wide variety of applications and, in addition to push-through installation, pre-positioning and stand-off installation is also possible. Letter marking on the anchor bolt also makes easy post-installed site control possible.

The anchor shields from pgb-Europe, type S-H, T, TR, and O, are a type of anchor designed for use in hollow materials such as bricks, blocks and concrete. The Smart® metal expansion anchors are available as anchor shield (type H), shield with screw (type B), and shield with threaded rod and nut (type T). They are commonly used for renovations in old constructions and lower quality base materials, because of their extra wide, four-sided expansion capabilities, but are also suitable for pre-positioned, push-through and distance installations.

When it comes to optimum performance, the Turbo Smart® is a high performance screw anchor covered by two ETAs, one for use in cracked concrete and one for multiple use for non-structural applications. It also comes with a C2 performance certification for applications in seismic areas. Not only does the screw tap its own way into the drill hole, with no lateral tension in the base material, it allows for use of small spacing and edge distances. Different types of Turbo Smart® are available, including hexagon head with pressed-on washer (BSZ), countersunk head for a flush finish (type BSV), metric connection nut (type BSI), and many more. Its stainless steel version has obtained a renewed ETA for high loads and usage flexibility.

Finally, the Smart® high performance anchors offer a high grade of safety that is shown by the ETA Option 1 and C2 performance for seismic scenarios/locations. Their optimal expansion ensures the best functioning in cracked concrete and their plastic compression ring ensures secure clamping of mounted pieces to base materials. These high performance anchors also offer very high shear loads and have several different head shapes available – hexagon head (type ZAK), threaded rod with nut (type ZAT) and a countersunk head (type ZAV).

Overall, pgb-Europe’s range of heavy-duty anchors are designed to provide a secure fixing point for bolts and other fasteners in various materials, including concrete, brick, stone, hollow materials and hollow ceilings. The company’s anchors are made of high-quality materials, are easy to install, and offer a high load capacity. They are suitable for use in various construction and engineering projects and provide a durable and long-lasting solution for contractors and builders, alike, as well as offering reliable and efficient solutions for any smaller construction or DIY projects.

Pgb-Europe has also introduced its new easy to use anchor calculation program for Smart® metal and chemical anchors in concrete, which offers many features for planners and designers and ensures designs comply with the requirements of Part 4 in Eurocode 2. Resulting calculation reports are generated as a comprehensive pdf document.


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