Choosing the right chemical anchors and resins 05 February 2024

With a huge number of applications requiring the use of chemical anchors and resins, JCP Fixings, the fixings division of Owlett-Jaton, offers a comprehensive range of products to meet these needs – with its resin portfolio including vinylester, pure epoxy, epoxy acrylate and polyester variants. 

All supported with full technical specifications, including CE Marking and European Technical Assessments (ETAs) Option 1, for both cracked and non-cracked concrete, as well as Option 7 for non-cracked concrete only.

Injection resins are used in both new build and structural repair projects, covering commercial, industrial and residential scenarios – where, for example, installing threaded studs, rebar or internall threaded sockets is required. One of the biggest advantages of using resin compared to mechanical anchors is that they are expansion free, enabling products to be used closer together, and right to an edge, without risk of substrate failure. 

To help choose the correct resin for any application, JCP offers a ‘good-better-best’ selection process for its products, covering general purpose polyester resins, mid-range resins, and more recent products, such as its Ultra-Bond 100 epoxy. 

An example of a general purpose resin, suitable for brickwork, most natural stone, and concrete, is the J-Fix Polyester, which is TA Option 7 approved and suitable for non-cracked concrete uses, as well as working in dry, wet or even flooded holes. 

Mid-range resins available from JCP Fixings includes Water Regulations Advisory Scheme approved products, those suited for seismic C1 and C2 projects, those with C20/25 to C50/60 concrete compatibility, as well as winter grade, styrene-free, and fast cure products. 

As for the latest members of its portfolio, the Ultra-Bond 100 is a formulation derived from pure epoxy, producing the highest bond strength resin available from JCP. It has a 100 year anchor service life, a double shelf life, and has been formulated for use in high performance structural applications – where loading is critical. It’s also approved for use under C1 and C2 seismic conditions, and is ETA Option 1 approved. 

JCP Fixings’ resins are complemented by a comprehensive range of associated products and accessories, including an extensive selection of threaded studs and sockets, as well as glass capsules, anchoring cement for external or internal use and expanding foams. In addition, JCP’s website offers technical information on all its resin types and other fixing systems, as well as certification documents, e.g ETA and CE certified products, an anchor calculation program for cracked and non-cracked concrete anchoring, and a resin volume calculator to calculate resin volumes required for any project.



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