Approved MTH anchors 12 November 2018

INDEX Fixing Systems desire to fully meet the needs of its customers has led to it improving and expanding its range of approved structural MTH anchors, with the launch of the new MTH-A2 anchor.

With the MTH anchor stainless steel ETA Option 7 version, INDEX Fixing Systems states it has become a pioneer in the market for manufacturing and distributing such an extensive range of anchors. In addition, the improvements applied to the new design has allowed the company to increase the load performance by up to 40% in all three versions (Zinc, A2 stainless steel and A4 stainless steel).

The MTH range of anchors is manufactured for use in concrete, reinforced concrete and stone, and is suitable for medium-high loads, as well as static and quasi-static loads. Suitable applications including scaffolding antennas, park benches, handrails for balconies, roads and wooden railings.

Installation distances to the edge of the material and between anchors can be calculated using the INDEXcal software.

New on the market
The new MTH-A2 anchor broadens the range of options when choosing the anchor that best suits individual customers’ needs. INDEX Fixing Systems points out that maximum quality and safety through ETA and Fire Resistance approvals in guaranteed. In addition, the durability and weather resistance of the A2 stainless steel, combined with the high performance of the authentic MTH, leads to up to 40% more load capacity.

Now more resistant
The 40% performance increase of MTH anchors is also due to improvements introduced by INDEX Fixing Systems to the shaft and clip design. These improvements also allow the anchors to be installed at shallow depths - increasing the versatility of the product.

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