Wevo products for rail vehicles 01 November 2021

Specially designed potting compounds from WEVO-CHEMIE GmbH – including WEVOPUR 552 FLX and WEVOPUR 67210 FL – meet the highest requirements of EN 45545-2 for use with electrical and electronic components in rail vehicles and railway infrastructure.

Plastics are widely used in rail vehicles and railway installations, for example as insulating materials in transformers, capacitors, sensors, relays, insulators, printed circuit boards and batteries. In the event of a fire, the components and materials must meet certain performance levels defined by EN 45545-2.

Accredited test institutes have examined the suitability of specially designed Wevo potting compounds for use in rail vehicles and railway infrastructure and have found WEVOPUR 552 FLX and WEVOPUR 67210 FL successfully fulfil the highest performance level HL3 in requirement sets R22 and R23 (electrotechnical products for interior and exterior use in rail vehicles). Several other Wevo products also meet performance level HL3 in R23 and HL 2 in R22, including an epoxy resin.

“In-line with the requirements of the standard, particular attention was paid to achieving a combination of low flammability, low smoke density and low smoke toxicity,” explains Andreas Arlt, business development manager at Wevo. “At the same time, in close cooperation with suppliers and OEMs from the world of railway engineering, the thermo mechanical and dielectric properties have been optimised and easy processability ensured.”

“Furthermore, we have even realised positive impacts on the mechanical properties by using certain additives,” adds Andreas Arlt. “These include a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, higher tensile strength and higher thermal conductivity.” 

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