Sustainable bonding in eMobility 04 July 2024

Panacol has a wide range of adhesives for various automotive bonding applications, including those for the stress relief of wires on commutators; the bonding of magnets in electric motors; balance compensation in fan rotors; as well as general bonding applications in the field of eMobility and automotive electronics.

UV adhesives in Panacol’s Vitralit® range are particularly suitable for relieving stress on wires at the commutator. These adhesives are easy to work with and can be applied to the wire/commutator connection and cured in seconds using UV light. The benefit of fast curing makes these adhesives the perfect solution for producing high volumes of commutators in short cycle times.

Also available are the newly developed, dual curing (UV/moisture) adhesives for bonding magnets in electric motors. Despite the opacity of the magnet, UV curing the adhesive ‘squeeze out’ will tack and hold the magnet in place. The adhesive beneath the magnet, as well as in shadowed rotor pockets, will cure using atmospheric and surface moisture.  All curing occurs at room temperature.

Panacol also offers a fast curing acrylate adhesive for balancing fan rotors. This high-density, UV adhesive can be jet dispensed into the balancing pockets of fan rotors. Balancing can be accomplished quickly and precisely without the use of metal weights. This process can significantly shorten production cycle time and significantly reduce component rejects.  

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