Strainlabs partnering with Vossloh 09 January 2024

Strainlabs is one of the first innovative technologies on a new integration platform developed by Vossloh. The ambition is to transform the railway industry, drive digitisation, and bring together data driven solutions related to railway infrastructure through ‘Vossloh Connect’.

According to Michael Fransson, product manager at Strainlabs, a growing interest in larger IoT bolts, particularly M22 – M27, has been shown by customers – especially in industries such as railway and general production. “We listened to their needs and initiated the development of this range expansion earlier this year.”

Vossloh Connect brings together innovative solutions to customers on an integrative platform – with Vossloh customers being able to monitor Strainlabs bolts and Strainlabs also being added to the portfolio of the international sales force. 

”Strainlabs brings innovation in connected bolt technology to the platform,” says Pierre-Henri Bougeant, head of digitalisation at Vossloh. “With Strainlabs one can monitor the integrity of rail infrastructure with unparalleled precision, gathering ‘real time’ data on the stress and strain experienced by crucial components. This enables proactive maintenance and enhances the overall reliability of the rail system.”

Bolt security is a vital part of public safety. Structures are often exposed to extreme conditions and temperatures, including dynamic loads and vibration. It is time consuming and inefficient with reactive and time-based maintenance. Strainlabs can support industrial digitalisation including the enablement of ‘real time ‘data, predictive and condition-based maintenance. 

“Most industries experience challenges in aspects of technology, operations, and business models, when trying to implement
third-party digitalisation. Furthermore, the industrial IoT landscape is still somewhat fragmented. Vossloh has created a genius platform, which simplifies processes for railway costumers to navigate and progress their digitalisation,” comments Csaba Madru, CEO and
co-founder of Strainlabs. “Through this partnership we have the potential, together with Vossloh, to drive a legacy industry forward with efficient and sustainable maintenance methods.”  

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