Reworked rivet nut for battery storage project 06 July 2020

Dejond N.V was recently approached by an OEM specialised in sustainable energy projects, to provide an alternative fastener for a battery enclosure design.

The design specified M12 semi hex closed-end rivet nuts, as they had to be closed-end to prevent ingress of dust or dirt, and hexagonal for increased spin out resistance in 6mm thick parent material. Dejond was therefore approached to see how quickly it could supply an acceptable alternative fastener.

Tubtara® approach and solution
Dejond proposed to rework stocked cylindrical parts and modify them into a hex rivet nut, suitable for the application. It took standard hex M12 machine tooling and modified the dies and punches in its own tool shop to fit into a post operation machine. This newly constructed machine set-up allowed the transformation of cylindrical into semi-hex shaped HUPX rivet nuts.

Within two weeks Dejond had manufactured and shipped a small quantity for the prototype builds, which were tested and validated. Another shipment of reworked product allowed the subcontractor to complete its first production batch. These urgent deliveries sufficed until a cold formed production run became available two months later.

“Our flexibility and post operation capabilities can offer customers short-term rivet nut solutions, even if the desired part is not available from stock, by simply reworking stocked standards,” explains Dejond.

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