Preventing car theft using tamper resistant fasteners 07 August 2023

As car thieves become more sophisticated in their methods, the automotive industry must stay one step ahead by making car parts harder to steal. Here Hafren Fasteners explains how using anti-tamper fixtures and fixings can not only prevent theft from happening but improve the safety of the vehicle, protecting both the owner and the manufacturer from costly repairs and liabilities.

Tamper resistant fasteners and fixing can play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and integrity of a vehicle, by holding together a variety of components, from engine parts to body panels, as well as security features such as alarms and immobilisers. 

One of the vulnerabilities of a modern car is the keyless entry system, with thieves able to use a device to amplify the signal from a car key and trick the vehicle into thinking the key is nearby. Once access to the car is gained, it can be driven away without suspicion. In response, automotive manufacturers have been looking to implement physical deterrents, such as anti-tamper fixings, as part of their overall theft prevention strategies. These fixings, typically made of hardened steel with unique shapes, and patterns – making them difficult to remove without the proper tools, are designed to prevent unauthorised access to a vehicle’s components. This makes it harder for thieves to steal valuable parts that can be sold on the ‘black market’.

“With a long history of providing specialist security fasteners to the automotive industry, Hafren Fasteners
offers expert knowledge, advice and partnership in the field of security fastener solutions. Our aim is to stamp out the impact of theft globally.”






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