NORMA Group expands its worldwide testing laboratory capacities 06 November 2015

NORMA Group has expanded its validation tests at its test laboratories around the world to ensure a unified standard at all manufacturing locations.

By using various methods it is possible to realistically simulate conditions, such as heat, cold, corrosion, various pressures and aging processes, as well as mechanical stress. This serves to enhance quality control on-site and it contributes to the development of innovative joining technology.

“Our aim is to ensure first class quality, high performance, and reliability of our joining products over a long period. The test methods at our plants around the world allow us to perform highly complex tests ourselves,” comments Werner Deggim, CEO of NORMA Group. “We can map the entire development process in-house and offer our customers tailor-made products and services from a single source.”

The conditions that are simulated at NORMA Group’s test laboratories are based on real time measurement of motor vehicles. When conducting hot gas tests, temperature fluctuations of up to 920°C can be generated by using a gas burner and a cooling system. VPP profile clamps that are used in turbochargers and exhaust systems, for example, are exposed to such extreme conditions. Water and salt solutions are used to test the corrosion resistance of the connecting elements. NORMA also conducts tests to measure the vacuum tightness, pulling force, twisting moment and durability when exposed to vibrations.

Plastic urea lines are subjected to temperatures of up to 160°C for up to 3,000 hours in climate chambers in long-term tests. In addition, pressure load tests are performed to check the performance of media-carrying lines and the optimal wall thicknesses.

NORMA Group’s test laboratories meet the same quality standards all over the world, with around 250 engineers using their extensive global expertise in metal and plastics technology.

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