Fasteners for electromobility 12 August 2022

As a direct and indirect supplier of components for electric vehicles, Arnold Umformtechnik is making sustainable approaches to its production methods to reduce CO2 emissions.

Ralf Lagerbauer, director of sales and marketing at Arnold explains: “We produce fasteners for a very wide range of applications and uses – for the automotive industry as well as for other industry sectors. The whole eMobility topic pretty much symbolises the change within the mobility industry. Against that backdrop, we are greatly motivated that, with our fastening solutions and systems, we can be part of this process of transformation.”

Arnold Umformtechnik has five strategic lines of approach for all areas of business – eMobility, lightweight construction, digitisation, internationalisation, and sustainability. “Companies in this sector need to take a completely new direction and overcome new challenges. For example, the impermeability of fastenings is extremely important. On no account must a leak occur inside the battery pack, and access for maintenance needs to be designed in. It is also important in fastening technology to think in terms of current, in other words, conductivity. Thus, fastening solutions also conduct current, serving two purposes at the same time. Different materials, processing methods and surfaces than those used previously come into play. It is important that those working in this field should communicate with one another, because everyone wants to know where the powertrain journey is taking us – with a view to fastening solutions too.”

“The appearance of new eMobility OEMs on the automotive market has not only made the industry wake up but has also stirred up and accelerated the market. We have been concerned about this topic since 2006 and have built up complex skills within the company. Now we are just proud that we are active in this futuristic segment, and many customers trust our expertise in the field,” concludes Ralf.

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