eMobility connector for VDA type spigots 22 October 2021

The eM Twist from NORMA Group offers a quick connector to securely fasten thermal management lines in electric vehicles, which can be installed in a space saving way.

Ideally suited for usage in thermal management systems in battery electric vehicles, and in hybrid vehicles to cool or heat the battery pack and the other critical modules, the eM Twist is optimised for use at operating temperatures of up to 110°C and a maximum operating pressure of 2.5 bar. It is thus precisely geared to the temperature range and pressure requirements of electrically powered vehicles. The quick connector comes with an assembly friendly self-locking mechanism that enables it to be securely locked with a single movement and opened by twisting the locking ring.

During development, NORMA Group’s engineers concentrated on the essential components and the best possible use of materials. The connector saves around a third of CO2 in production and the supply chain compared to similar connectors in conventional cooling systems. The main reasons for this are the optimised use of raw materials in product design and less emissions through transport and production of the components. The eM Twist was developed by a cross functional team, which has also been awarded with NORMA’s internal ‘Innovation Excellence Award’.

The new connector complements NORMA Group’s wide portfolio of joining solutions for electric vehicles, which also comprises the eM Compact quick connector for SAE style spigots that helps save space inside the battery pack. This allows for more powerful battery packs to be created by using more battery cells per pack. With the TP Flex plastic tube, the company also offers a flexible and lightweight solution for cooling lines in fully electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

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