DELO adhesives help to reduce carbon emissions 24 June 2024

A specially developed adhesive from DELO has played a substantial role in the development of Bosch’s 48V mild hybrid battery for automotive manufacturers, helping to reduce carbon emissions.

With 48V batteries reducing vehicle carbon emissions by up to 15%, the new battery systems from Bosch have been optimised for manufacturing processes and are so compact that they allow vehicle manufacturers maximum flexibility during installation, with the battery measuring just 140mm in height. This means it can be placed in discreet places such as the trunk or under the passenger seat. 

The key to the compact design lies in its thermal design and so Bosch has worked with partners to develop particularly robust lithium ion cells. They even work at temperatures of up to 75°C and thanks to their greater heat resistance, a simpler cooling concept is possible. 

DELO’s adhesive has a good thermal conductivity of 1W/(m·K), which means that battery cells can be bonded into the battery housing and the heat generated during operation can also be dissipated efficiently. As a result, the adhesive combines structural bonding and a thermal management system mounting in one step – instead of having to manually fix battery cells and then use gap fillers for heat dissipation. Saving one process step, this adhesive simplifies production.

The product is flame retardant in accordance with the industry standard UL 94 V-0, designed for the entire temperature range of the battery, and offers high strength on battery cells and typical housing materials. Its tensile shear strength on aluminium is 18N/mm².  

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