Brooks Forgings replicates special Grade 12.9 tie rods 16 April 2019

Brooks Forgings, a specialist in manufacturing non-standard forged, fabricated and machined components, has a team of skilled operators that welcome the engineering challenges and their unique requirements, that are often presented by customers. A recent bespoke project was to replicate a special type of tie rod in Grade 12.9 for a new client in Europe.

Brooks Forgings was supplied with a sample for analysis and discovered it was a two piece welded fabrication. Thanks to its extensive manufacturing capabilities Brooks Forgings was able to offer the component as a one piece item instead. By forging the eye and free flow forging the flat section, the material grain flow remained unbroken and produced a stronger, more resilient component when compared to its fabricated counterpart.

Due to the specific hardness range required, the components were machined and thread rolled M24 x 2 (fine pitch) prior to a clean heat treatment process. All components were inspected for straightness after heat treatment and corrected (if required) prior to the final painting process. The final component measured just over a metre in length and a total of 600 were produced in the first batch.

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