Bits with clamping effect 11 October 2021

REYHER has introduced a new bit series – Tight Bits – which prevents a tool from slipping out of the screw head, making overhead work much easier.

Most users of hexagon socket screws are familiar with the problem. The relatively large leeway between screw and bit leads to a tumbling motion when screwing, or the bit slips out of the screw head. REYHER’s new Tight Bits – with wider, stronger bit wings and a conical design – provide optimal positive locking with the screw. 

This new design creates a clamping effect and allows the bit to sit firmly in the screw. Especially when working on overhead applications this is a big advantage, as the user with the tool and the Tight Bit needs only one hand. Strengthened bit wings also provide higher energy transfer.

Tight Bits can be used for every application with hex drive screws. To start with, five different sizes are available from stock: T15, 20, 25, 30 and 40mm x 25mm. Tight Bits can be ordered directly in the RIO – REYHER Internet Order webshop. Additional bit types such as cross head/slotted or deep reach are also readily available from the webshop.

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