Wire temperature under control with WST preheater 21 October 2020

ZUMBACH Electronics states that its TEMPMASTER WST 2006FV series line frequency wire preheater takes wire preheating to the next level – by measuring the ambient temperature and tracking the line speed to accurately preheat the wire to the desired temperature, even during ramping.

The microprocessor controlled production tool heats the conductor precisely to the desired temperature level, fast and efficiently. Product recipes provide customisable material settings to ensure the preheater operates within the correct parameters and optimised power setting, a user must simply set the desired temperature, target line speed, and conductor material, and the preheater does the rest.

The closed loop circuit monitors the actual loop voltage to calculate and display the predicted wire temperature. ZUMBACH points out a variable frequency power section optimises inductor performance and allows for a compact solution ideal for smaller size ranges and compact extrusion lines. The microprocessor continuously monitors performance and alerts the operator if the preheat temperature cannot be met. A modular design also allows the VISU touch display and operator station to be placed remotely at a convenient location.

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