Nord-Lock Group wins prestigious export award 27 November 2019

Swedish-based Nord-Lock Group has won the prestigious Export Hermes award given by the Swedish Fund for export development. Nord-Lock Group’s CEO, Fredrik Meuller, accepted the award from HRH Prince Daniel during the Tendency Day – held at the Musikaliska Concert Hall in Stockholm.

Nord-Lock Group, a world leading manufacturer of safe and reliable bolt securing solutions for advanced applications, won the Export Hermes award for its wedge-locking washer – a product that is a global leader for its ability to secure bolted joints that are exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads. It is used worldwide in everything from wind turbines, Shinkansen trains and NASA satellites to semiconductor fabrication plants.

The Export Hermes award has been presented each year since 1981 to Swedish companies that have achieved exceptional export success, thereby contributing to Sweden’s prosperity.

The jury’s reason for giving this year’s award to Nord-Lock Group was: “Nord-Lock Group has an impeccable business history of leveraging its wide ranging engineering expertise and product innovations to become a global export company that actively supports the foundations of modern society.”

Nord-Lock is the unlikely story of how an innovation from a bankrupt Canadian company was purchased by a small company from Mattmar in the mid-Sweden county of Jämtland. The company spent many years battling to get the product to market, with the first pair of wedge-locking washers being manufactured in 1982 in a barn in Mattmar. Twelve years later, Nord-Lock Group was acquired by listed investment company Latour and it has grown into a world leading company with global production.

“Nord-Lock Group has firmly built up a world leading business, with many big name companies on its list of global customers. Nord-Lock Group currently has a turnover of SEK 1.4 billion and employs 600 people in 25 countries. Our journey has been fantastic and fortunately we’ve only just scraped the surface up to now,” says Fredrik Meuller.

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