New ELOTEST PL600 for non-destructive materials testing 26 April 2021

ELOTEST PL600 is the latest development from Rohmann for eddy current testing, with the machine designed for testing for cracks and heat treatment, as well as testing for material mix-up and grinding burn.

Rohmann GmbH is a family business from Frankenthal, Germany, and has been developing and marketing eddy current testing instruments and accessories for non-destructive materials testing for 43 years.

The ELOTEST PL600 features application specific user interfaces that simplify the operation of the testing instrument. The instrument is also fully integrated into the line by wide ranging I/O functions with a fieldbus connection.

Rohmann points out that the test results are displayed with an unmatched signal purity. The extensive system and sensor monitoring also ensure ultimate test security. The modular design of the PL600 makes it possible to combine testing for cracks and heat treatment, as well as testing for material mix up and grinding burn, so that a single testing instrument is sufficient for a wide range of applications in several stations.

The ‘FastSort’ mode serves to sort parts quickly with 1, 4 or 8 frequencies, with harmonic analysis as an option. This mode is used to determine material properties, differences in hardness and/or geometric variations. Multiplex is designed for a great diversity of applications with parameter and sensor multiplex for up to 64 virtual mux channels per plug-in card. The EMDC technology – electromechanic distance compensation – serves to keep a constant distance between the sensor and the part being tested. It is used for testing non-circular parts and parts with complex geometries.

ELOTEST PL600 has been complemented with a 19 inch (PL600/R) and a more compact 9.5 inch (PL600/RC) remote version for integration in automated systems. The 19 inch versions (ELOTEST PL600 and PL600/R) are provided with a total of 16 slots; the 9.5 inch version (PL600/RC) is provided with a total of 7; while one channel is always provided with the standard configuration. The in-line instruments are thus available at attractive starting prices.

“As the ELOTEST PL600 can be adapted and modified or upgraded at any time, it is a valuable investment for the future,” states Rohmann.


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