Why do we need ETAs? 14 November 2018

A curtain rail that does not last as planned is annoying, but not so terrible. However, what happens in an emergency when life and limb depend on the attachment or failure can result in a high potential economic damage?

In these cases, and for safety reasons in general, users should always use an attachment with approval by construction authorities, because these products are tested for their function and performance and are officially released. That’s why TOX is offering a full range of approved products, such as its ‘Fassad’ for frame fixings, the ‘S-Fix Anchor Bolt’ and ‘Liquix’ chemical mortars. All are ETA Option 7 as well as Option 1 solutions, applicable even for cracked concrete.

The strict quality controls of TOX products ensure that all given characteristics and holding values are maintained and all planned projects can be safely anchored. The ETA contains all the specific characteristic values that are necessary for a calculation of the right dowel, so the necessary static proof can be created, using the calculation program Statika – which can be downloaded on TOX’s website. Furthermore, the assessment also includes all mounting characteristics and installation descriptions that enable the fitter to install the attachment correctly.

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