Introducing the SilverMate range 17 April 2019

At Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2019 GebuVolco introduced to the market for the first time the SilverMate range – a new chipboard screw with a specially developed tip and other distinctive elements.

GebuVolco’s balanced range of SilverMate chipboard screws, also produced in a chromium-6 free galvanised version, offers extremely wide coverage of all needs. By using only three Pozi and three Torx® versions across the range, bit changes will be less frequent, thus saving time.

With affixed CE Marking, and issued with an ETA (ETA – 18/0284), the SilverMate also features improved milling ribs to ensure a perfect damage-free finish. An extremely sharp point, combined with the improved thread, ensures rapid engagement in the wood with a minimal splitting risk.

“The SilverMate is the strongest chipboard screw in its class, making it suitable for mounting into almost any type of wood. Sophisticated shaft ribs on the partial thread version and a superior wax also ensure minimal turn in resistance,” comments GebuVolco B.V.

The SilverMate’s unique characteristics also include:

  • Extremely strong screws with minimal risk of head break-off.
  • Minimum turn in resistance due to the use of superior wax.
  • Particularly fast engagement, almost immediately from the first rotation of the drill with minimum starting pressure.
  • Very low splitting risk due to the four special milling ribs at the tip of the screw.
  • Special shaft ribs give extra space to the screw head when it penetrates the wood, further reducing the chance of splitting.

SilverMate is packed in a sturdy professional box featuring a viewing window and easy access tray.

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