Individual solutions for complex constructions 03 March 2020

Due to the increasing popularity of wood as a building material, with regard to environmental protection and the use of cross laminated timber explicitly in the building construction sector, Eurotec GmbH has increasingly focused on the subject of fastening and anchoring prefabricated wooden elements.

The efficiency as well as the quality of the complex range of engineering timber construction is the centre of attention. The core of this sophisticated architecture consists of complicated shapes, enormous spans of the buildings and high static challenges. From floor anchor plates with transverse bracing in heavy timber construction, which are connected to each other with steel cables, to cross flat connectors for heavily loaded timber connections with individual hole patterns.

The Eurotec module connectors have been available since the beginning of 2019. Its new products include shearing angles, shearing plates and tension rods and straps. These are used for anchoring walls, columns and ceilings. The special features of the shearing angles are the many different areas of application and the high shearing capacity – thanks to the new fastening concept. In order to secure aligned components against shear forces, Eurotec has also developed the shearing plate, which can be used in many different ways to cover all possible anchorage cases.

Eurotec’s assortment contains several versions of tension straps, which can be used to create wood-wood, wood-concrete and steel-wood joints. Special holes for screwing at an angle of 45° make the tension straps particularly efficient and unique.

The Eurotec tension anchor is used for the transfer of tensile forces in order to enable simple and fast anchoring of wooden elements to wooden, steel or concrete substrates.

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