Bossong nails it! 12 February 2019

Bossong SpA is an historic manufacturer of nails for direct fastening, and even today still has a wide range including KDH, KD, KR, PR and TZ nails for direct fastening – using both special powder actuated tools and by hand.

Bossong is able to supply high-quality nails for direct fastening, with every step of production subject to rigorous controls in order to guarantee and maintain a high-quality standard recognised throughout Europe.

Features of Bossong’s nail range include a hammered ballistic tip, creating a greater resistance and facilitating penetration into the concrete compared to the nails with a sheared tip; high mechanical resistance combined with high ductility thanks to the performed heat treatment that prevents a brittle break and allows the nail to bend without break; as well as the option to be mounted with different types of metal washers or plastic inserts. The mechanical galvanising process used to produce the nails also helps avoid problems related to hydrogen embrittlement.

The nails of Bossong are intended for fixing on concrete, but also on steel of suitable thickness, and resistance, by means of the nails of reduced length.

The range of direct fixings is then completed by a series of low speed nailing machines (Class A) with CE Marking – BOSS 6000 and BOSS 8000.

The BOSS 6000 and BOSS 8000 models have a low weight (less than 3kg in single shot version), an adjustable shot power, and are capable of shooting nails of length up to 50mm (BOSS 6000) and 75mm (BOSS 8000).

The tools can also shoot in fully automatic mode, without continuous change of the nail. KDHM nails with a length up to 75mm and 35mm can be shot in fully automatic mode through the NEW M75 and M35 magazines – making the work faster and more efficient.

Find Bossong at Fastener Fair Stuttgart on Stand 1.762

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