Security fasteners for transport and rail 14 November 2018

Security fasteners are needed by industries far and wide, with each industry having its own reasons to use anti-tamper devices. Some are concerned with loss prevention and deterring theft, while others use them to stop unlawful entry and mitigate against the risk of death or serious injury caused by unlawful access or trespassing.

A prime example is the transport and rail sector, where a wide range of security fasteners are regularly deployed to protect against liability claims, by stopping unauthorised entry or to prevent theft or vandalism that prying eyes, hands and tools attempt.

Some 115 people in the UK have been killed on rail tracks over the past 5 years due to trespassing, with the problem growing. It is estimated that one person on average commits the offence nearly every hour. The main physical deterrent to trespassing is through the use of barriers and security fencing, both of which can be made more resilient through the use of security fasteners.

Theft is still endemic to the industry with cable thefts in the UK reaching a five year high. The theft of railway cables caused over 10,000 minutes of delays to passengers across Wales and the Borders alone in 2017 – a 240% increase on the previous year. An issue that has larger repercussions than just the financial (which is estimated to cost in excess of GB£16 million a year), it causes widespread delays for passengers and freight, not to mention the risk to the rail staff and the general public. Hafren tamper resistant screws and tamper proof bolts are an ideal solution to prevent theft of expensive equipment, such as miles of copper wire.

Vandalism such as graffiti is also a huge issue, Network Rail estimates that it costs at least GB£5 million per year to clean up graffiti, not including the loss of revenue or delays caused to the service.

Hafren Security Fasteners can be the first line of defence against loss, theft, unauthorised entry and vandalism. The company has worked closely with the public transport sector in the design and supply of security fasteners and fixings for various applications. As numbered on the image (below), these include: 1 – control panels, 2 – benches, 3 – vending machines, 4 – lighting, 5 – mobility equipment, 6 – CCTV, 7 – cladding, 8 – signs, 9 – train handrails, 10 – advertising hoardings, 11 – copper wire, and 12 – fire signalling and prevention equipment and signalling equipment.

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