NORMA Group: A development partner in the field of electromobility 02 September 2019

With the increasing growth of alternative drive technologies, such as electromobility and hybrid drive systems, the demand for product solutions in the area of joining technology for these applications is also on the rise. As a market leader, NORMA Group is an expert development partner for its customers in these fields of innovation.

In recent months, NORMA Group has won a number of orders from leading international automotive manufacturers for the development and supply of line systems for the thermal management of electric and hybrid vehicles.

These systems make an important contribution to vehicle energy management by ensuring optimal operating temperatures for the battery, power electronics, the engine and the driver cabin. They thus help to increase the performance and service life of the battery and improve the range of the vehicles.

NORMA Group’s line systems are used inside and outside the battery packs. The company also offers solutions for the technically demanding interface between the battery’s internal and external thermal management line systems. The supply and discharge of coolant into the battery packs must be leak-free. Here, NORMA Group provides the appropriate joining technology for reliable penetration into the battery pack housing.

NORMA Group’s thermal management line systems are specially developed to meet the individual requirements of its customers. The lines – made of weight reducing thermoplastic material – are designed for optimal flow properties with the aid of computer simulation. NORMA Group’s connectors ensure safe and reliable connections and are at the same time quick and easy to assemble.

With the eM Compact, NORMA Group has launched a connector specially designed to meet the requirements of thermal management in electric and hybrid vehicles. Designed to be as compact as possible, the eM Compact helps save space. This is particularly advantageous within the battery packs, as the space saving design allows for additional cells to be installed. This makes the batteries even more powerful.

In the case of hybrid vehicles, NORMA Group’s expertise in the field of fuel lines comes to the fore. The occasional use of the electric drive means that on average the fuel in hybrids is stored longer in the lines. This can lead to particles being washed out of the line material.

As a result, the injection nozzles become clogged so that the engine can come to a standstill. The thermoplastic fuel lines produced by NORMA Group, using the multi-layer process, can be designed to be more resistant to particle leaching. In this way, they help to prevent the washout problem in hybrid vehicles and ensure reliable engine operation.


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