Low shrinkage epoxy for automotive active alignment 07 September 2021

Dymax has developed a light and/or heat curable cationic epoxy, Dymax 9803, for the active alignment of camera modules, optical components, LiDAR (light detection and ranging), as well as other ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) assemblies used in automotive applications.

Optical components, lenses in cameras, CCD chips or complex optical devices need to be positioned economically and efficiently. Active alignment is the primary solution for making high precision image systems manufacturable and feasible in final products, where devices need to align down to micron accuracy. Dymax 9803 has very low volumetric shrinkage, high Tg, low coefficient thermal expansion (CTE) and was developed to meet these rigorous active alignment requirements.

The flexibility to cure very fast with broad spectrum UV light, LED light, or low temperature heat, accommodates a variety of application needs. Dymax 9803 has improved 85°C/85% RH resistance, exhibits less overall movement through thermal excursions, as well as features higher viscosity and thixotropy to maintain bead shape upon being dispensed. In addition, the material can be refrigerated and shipped/stored at 1°C – 5°C, and not frozen. Dymax 9803 meets NASA ASTM E595 low outgassing specifications making this solution ideal for critical optical components. All these characteristics help manufacturers improve time to market, reduce scrap costs and enhance overall image quality.


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